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Friday, November 14, 2008

Birthday scone cake, anyone?

First of all, Happy Birthday to PP Managing Partner Randall Goldman. Our fabulous Pastry Chef Susie Ieronemo made the fantastic scone cake pictured above expressly for one Randall Goldman, founding member of the scone of the month club. And no, I don't know how old Randall is. I think we'd have to cut him open and count his rings to find out.

PP is abuzz with activity. Check out Lowndes Grove in the Party Scene for Charleston Magazine for Charleston Ballet Theater's recent shindig.

Some lovely moments from Laura and Chris' wedding at The William Aiken House captured by photographer Olivia Griffin.

Nico cooked up some crab rangoons at last night's grand opening for our new neighbors at King Street Kitchen Company. The store is beautiful and the opening was jam packed with fun folks. And, Nico got some help with the rangoons from his new pal, Olive.

If you're out and about tonight, you need to stop by Fish to hear the sweet sounds of DJ JAZ (aka John Zahl). Take a listen. JAZ starts at 10 pm. Come get your groove on. You know you want to.

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