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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's international day at PP!

Today in the PP LLC office, we got treated to quite the international lunch. First, our very own Staff Accountant Elena Hacker, she of the Polish variety, spoiled us ever so rotten with homemade pierogies. Holy mother of potatoes, they were amazing. Then, because we just can't get enough, we ordered up the pho noodle soup from Fish, which P.S. is the dish you should order up on a cold, blustery day. It's spicy, slightly citrus-y, full of noodles and pulled chicken and I have to stop talking right now. Happy sigh.

By the by, back by popular demand tonight at Fish is...Mercy of the Chef! To review, 3 courses = $25. You put your trust in Chef Nico and he will treat you right. Which is very comforting in such trying times, no? For $5 extry, you can get wine pairings to go with.
And finally, if you didn't get enough Pecha Kucha, here's your chance to relive the magic.

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