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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vintage cars, Pecha Cucha, Twittering

Let me just put it out there that there is no typical day here at PP. Case (cases) in point: Yesterday I spoke with interior designer and fine car afficianado, Merrill Benfield. Seems the Ralph Lauren folks are looking for a super cool vintage car for their Lowndes Grove photo shoot coming up on Monday. Merrill was incredibly helpful and offered his 1967 champagne yellow Lincoln Continental convertible. (Sidenote: I am tempted to rent it myself if RL passes!) We'll see what happens. Many thanks to Merrill for his graciousness and to Liz Rennie from the CVB for the info.

Nico received an incredible invitation to be part of next week's Pecha Cucha get together. If you haven't heard about Pecha Cucha (once you start saying it, it's quite addictive), you must read this now. In a nutshell, it's happy hour meets open-mic meets creative conflab (I can die happy now. I used the word conflab in a sentence.) Nico and all the presenters get approximately 6 minutes to do their thing. It's fast and furious and I can't wait. Really cool folks are in the line-up. Again, check it out.

Met with one of the PP interns earlier this week. She's a hospitality major at COC and all about metatags and Google analytics. It's interesting to watch the hospitality industry wrap their collective arms around technology. Along those lines, check out this Twitter-er. P.S. A little "vernacular" tip. To "Twitter" is the verb. The result of Twitter-ing is a "Tweet." You are now one step closer to tech dork status.

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