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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lowndes Grove, The Food Network, Ace Hotel & Madonna, in that order

Hi, hospitality fans. Sorry to have missed you yesterday. Had a trying day full of bad sinuses and car trouble. But Tuesday is a new day and with it, we are one step closer to the Lowndes Grove reopening.

Big news: Our Corporate Sales Manager, Jessica Kafer (you recall her and her heart-shaped self, don't you?) was contacted by the lovely folks at The Food Network who were venue shopping for a shoot showcasing Peninsula Grill's Bob Carter and his uber yummy coconut cake. A few conversations and photographs later, poof! A TV shoot at Lowndes Grove during our very first week. We are utterly stoked and extremely grateful.

By the way, tonight is Tuesday which means Dollar Dim Sum at Fish. And if you haven't been yet, I'd like to know what exactly it is you're waiting for, mister. Show me any other Charleston establishment where you can eat your fill of fresh dumpling goodness for a few dollars. For real, grab your co-worker, your girlfriend, whoever. Sit at the bar and let Sean spoil you. The last time I partook of the dollar dim sum, Sean made me the best dirty martini I've ever had. 'Nuff said.

What else? My newest hotel crush, actually it's ongoing, has GOT to be the Ace Hotel, who will soon be opening their New York location. Oh rapture, oh joy! Not only am I a huge fan of their graphic design, their copy and concept are just spot-on. "They (the partners) also wanted their hotel to be linked to the local culture, a living part of the community -- like an experience of staying with friends who are plugged into the local scene."

And I cannot leave today without saying: 1. Congratulations to Madonna on her induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. (Say what you will. She was an integral force during my formative years.) 2. Who but Madonna could get Iggy Pop and The Stooges to perform covers of "Burnin' Up" and "Ray of Light" with such frenetic energy?

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