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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Charleston's Green Acres

A near-perfect day for a photo shoot at Lowndes Grove! We were there at 8 am this morning to catch the gorgeous morning light, and we're soon heading back for some late afternoon sparkles. Many thanks to friend and photographer Lynn Mitchell.

Our local grower friends are getting some nice press today. It kicks off with Rita Bachmann and Pete Ambrose of Ambrose Family Farms. Rita currently farms a few acres at Ambrose Family Farms in Wadmalaw Island. A year ago, owner Pete Ambrose was nearly ready to leave the acres he'd worked for 32 years due to competition from large, commercial farms/corporate monsters. Then he met Rita, a passionate and well-known grower and local product advocate, and everything changed. It helped that three farmers announced Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs in the Charleston area. The CSA concept? Consumers pay a set fee for a share of the season's harvest. (Approximately $300 for a family of four.)

Other Wadmalaw growers, Dan and Karen Kennerty of Kennerty Farms, were profiled in today's Post & Courier. The couple, who work the land with their two children, specialize in unique gourmet and heirloom produce, a favorite with chefs constantly searching for that next new thing.

And, on that note, Fish's upcoming printemps (French for spring!) menu is chock full o' great local ingredients. Like arugula and radishes from Rita. Tomatoes, cucumbers and Bibb lettuce from Moncks Corner. And goat cheese from Split Creek Farm in Anderson, SC. Yum, yum and might I add, yum.

Alright campers, off for more pretty photos. See you tomorrow!

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