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Friday, March 7, 2008

Thoughts from the Lowndes Grove sette

Lots to report on this rainy Friday. First: Lowndes Grove. Tick, tick, know what I'm saying? A mere 8 days until the mighty reopening and first wedding of the season. New photos are up.

It's now interior designer Paula Adams' moment to shine. Yesterday, we took a peek at some of the incredible furnishings. It's fascinating to see how each part of the renovation works together with the next for this overall WOW effect. You'll see.

Sat down with Chef Nico and Pastry Chef Susie Ieronemo earlier to discuss the upcoming spring menu and, more importantly, WEDDING CAKES. (Sidebar: Nico was wearing a GREAT French soccer scarf.) As you may recall from earlier posts on Susie, she has mad wedding cake skills. In fact, the mini version of her wedding cakes at January's Client Appreciation/CVB Travel Council Party nearly caused a riot. (Word to the wise: NEVER, EVER get between a Southern woman and her dessert.) I just love that we now have wedding cakes in our repertoire. And it has nothing to do with the fact that I can occassionally score a free sample. Nothing at all.

On the tomfoolery front, friends and Mac-enthusiasts over at Blue Ion cracked me up this morning with this little homemade gem that highlights the fun you can have with the upgraded Photobooth.

In style news, was reading Mouthing Off, the Food + Wine blog and ran across this intriguing website for tableware that, in effect, lets you set your own table. It's like a dressing room for your dining room. Just go look.

And, finally: I can't believe that I forgot to mention that Master Sommelier Bob Bath spent some time with us over Food + Wine Festival Weekend. Friday evening before dinner service began, the Master Sommelier spent a few minutes talking wine with the Fish staff. (Of course, I sneaked in to catch some of his brilliance.)

This is a man who loves his job. His enthusiasm, in-depth knowledge and passion were evident in every moment. He encouraged questions and wanted so much to hear about what our guests are looking for in their dining and wine experience. I have to say: in just the 10 minutes I spent eavesdropping, I took notes AND left feeling energized and excited. Thank you again, Bob. It was our sincere pleasure to spend time with you.

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