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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Victory Gardens, Starbucks, Photo Shoots or A New Jeopardy Category Waiting to Happen

So, was talking with a friend recently about the fact that we've been at war for 5 years. And today, The New York Times ran a mind-blowing, eerie, albeit creative piece about the 4,000 soldiers who sacrificed their lives over the past 5 years.

I wonder if we would be reacting differently to this war if we were all faced with the restrictions of a 1940s wartime America. Food rations. "Victory gardens." According to the Food + Wine magazine blog, some 20 million gardens were planted in the U.S. during the 1940s. Why not now? If I was working in a factory that made munitions for the "war effort," would I feel more connected to the 49 South Carolinian soldiers who died? Would my government get them home sooner? Something to ponder.

Okay, radical topic change. Starbucks launched a new social networking site that empowers their customers (fans, detractors, lovers, haters, etc.) to "Share. Discuss. Vote. See." In their valiant efforts to get back to the coffee that made them famous and loved in the first silly place, they're asking YOU, dear reader/coffee drinker what YOU THINK. Check out the "ideas." Free coffee and Wifi seem to be the big winners. P.S. If Starbucks turns your idea into a kajillion dollars, you get...nuttin'. Maybe a free cup of coffee? (I make no promises.) And, in the category of "someone's-always-watching-category," I give you this genius blog.

Finally, we'll be out at Lowndes Grove for a photo shoot tomorrow. Will have new loveliness to share soon!

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