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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fish is "Fancy!" And has a garden! More Lowndes Grove pics too!

Holy exclamation points, Batman. It's exciting times here at PP.

And with spring comes a garden. That's right, there is a lovely garden beginning in Fish's backyard. Sous Chef Chou Duong was hard at work this afternoon tilling the soil. Yes, really! When asked what's being planted, Chou enthusiastically launched into a laundry list of goodies: jalapenos, thai basil, green onions, cherry tomatoes, mint, lavender, chives, thyme and rosemary.

In other Fish news, many thanks to the folks at the Post & Courier who ranked us tops in the Fancy Seafood category in their 2008 Restaurant Guide. Also, congrats to EVO for picking up tops in the Pizza category. I have to admit the FANCY seafood monider does make me giggle a bit. As in, who you callin' fancy?

But I do so LOVE the P&C's definition: "For our purposes, a "fancy" seafood dinner is about the imagination, innovation and creativity of the chef in making the most of the best seafood he can get. It's about knowing when to let the beautiful fresh tuna or grouper or scallops or shrimp speak for themselves. It's about attention to detail. And it's about a certain grace in the presentation."

What else, you say? Spent a few moments at Lowndes Grove today. Again, my kingdom for a time-lapse camera! The landscapers are in full-effect and the lovely and dramatic greenery is highlighting the spectacular house and grounds. Take a look at the latest pics.

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