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Monday, February 9, 2009

When The American Theater was young, she was a deli.

Just received a copy of the photo above from PP Managing Partner Randall Goldman. The building once stood where The American Theater now stands. If you look closely, you will see a word I absolutely love: DELICATESSEN. Yes, The American Theater was once a delicatessen. Gosh, I love history. Upon closer inspection, you will see that it was a Kosher deli. Oh man, what I wouldn't do for a Reuben right now!

If you grew up where I did, a deli is a part of your life, much like a good diner or bakery. The deli in my hometown, Carmen's Meats was/is a family-run business, and if I ate one sub sandwich from there, I ate 500. (P.S. Don't bother mentioning Jersey's Mike's to me. 'Tis blasphemy to compare.) While I'm at it, I should mention The Prestige Diner and The Summit Diner. Eggs, hashbrowns or...greek salad, burger, fries. Nearly constant coffee refills and owned by Greek families. And, there is Lindee's Bakery, which I written about before on this very blog. Ohhh, the linzer tart! Why this trip down food memory lane? Remember? I love the word deli. If you think there is no strategy behind any of these so-called Mom and Pop shops, take a look at this.

Why do I love my deli, diner and bakery so? Not just because it's delicious, but because it's community; home, comfort, wrapped up in the sights, smells, beautiful noises and tastes that fuel my memories and keep me searching for similar experiences no matter where I roam.


Joan said...

What a cool snippet of history. I love the cars. I've been trying to include cars in my pictures lately since they help place the shot in a period.

RPrioleau said...

JB...that pic of the old AT building is awesome. Can you find still find any of the elements in the walls/ceilings? The wheels in front are also great..both the 4 wheel and 2 wheel variety.