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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mardi Gras, Pecha Kucha, Positus & more!

Baby Jesus in King Cake
Originally uploaded by crcg
Happy Mardi Gras (Marty Grass), Internet! Here's hoping you find the baby Jesus in the King Cake.

If you're out and about tonight, it's Mercy of the Chef night at Fish. You know the deal: 3 courses, Chef's choice, $25. Wine pairings with each course are just $10 more. Sin all you want tonight. We support you!

Here at PP, some folks are indeed giving things up for the Lenten season. Here's a sampling of the personal sacrifices being made: no wine, no carbs, no meat, no close parking (really).

In other news, we could not be more psyched for Pecha Kucha tomorrow night. As a reminder, the venue is our very own American Theater. As I'm sure you know, tickets sold out in about 35 seconds, so we're also hosting a simulcast at Fish (doors open at 5 pm). We're also hosting the After Party at Fish so you can mix, mingle and get the autographs of all your favorite Charleston creatives. Maybe Gil will even sign your shirt.

Was over at Fish earlier to meet with our pal Andra Watkins of Positus Consulting. Not only is Andra a girl after my own heart because she likes gin, she's also super talented, strategically- minded and willing to look silly in order to get the laugh and make a salient point (in my Top 5 favorite personal traits). Andra was kind enough to include us in one of her Flip forays, and I'm just going to leave it at that until she unveils it. Stay tuned!

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