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Friday, February 13, 2009

Brought to you by way too much sugar

I have officially exceeded my maximum sugar intake for the day. Lucky you! Benefit from my sugar buzz...ready, go! The pre-Valentine/SEWE madness started early here today. This morning, I helped Director of HR Elizabeth Kitchin decorate Managing Partner Randall Goldman's office to celebrate his 11 years with the company (anniversary is tomorrow). And, there were treats (a rose and candy) on all of our desks this morning (courtesy of Randall and Elizabeth). Two days ago, we here at PP HQ received some "secret" (now out of the bag) cupcakes from Pastry Chef Susanna Ieronemo. Not only did they have fresh strawberries on top, she used the plastic container as the box. Super cute and ohmyGAWDgood.

The neighborhood is abuzz with activity too. At Marion Square, the animal prints and camouflage are in full effect as SEWE gets underway. Birds of prey, anyone? King Street stroll? The construction dust continues to fly at Hall's Chophouse who are working diligently to open by Tuesday. If you haven't seen the outside of it, you're really missing a beautiful facade. Copper, brick and wood accents. It looks like an old world steakhouse meets European pub...and another fine Gibson Thompson Guess project.

Can we talk about the phone ringing off the hook at Fish? (Unintended pun, sorry.) Seriously, y'all, there has been an onslaught of um, shall we say procrastinating men calling. Fortunately, we're doing our Valentine's menu tonight as well. Consider your relationship saved.

Now, go squeeze your Valentine. I'll be here with the chocolate.

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