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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fish Pays It Forward

Heading over to Fish in a few minutes for the Upper King Design District Meeting. It's always good to get together to share stories, offer support and ideas and generally just have a moment to relax and catch up with the neighbors. P&C's Brian Hicks penned a nice piece about what's been happening on Upper King, and most every street in most every town I can think of. We have the greatest neighbors.

In other Fish news, today kicks off Pay It Forward Wednesdays. What does it mean, you ask? When the economic downturn really began to hit a few months back, Nico came to me with an idea to somehow, some way, do something for someone else. After some brainstorming and discussions, we are happy to introduce Pay It Forward Wednesdays. Here's how it works: Fish has selected several area non-profits to highlight and partner with an effort to create awareness, raise funds and “pay it forward” to the community and folks that have been so supportive of us.

Today, we’re kicking off with Louie’s Kids, a Charleston non-profit committed to treating childhood obesity by focusing on one child at a time. Guests at Fish during Pay It Forward Wednesdays have the opportunity to make a cash or check contribution to Louie’s Kids. (In fact, donations can be made anytime.) Each week, Fish gives the week’s contributions to Louie’s Kids. And, we’ll be sharing information about all the great work Louie’s Kids does at Fish, here on the blog and on our Friends of Fish Facebook page. Just think: a few extra dollars can make a huge difference in the life of a child struggling with obesity. In times like these, we do what you can. Pay it forward and be good to your neighbors.

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