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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Getcho Pecha Kucha Here!

Pecha Kucha 2: what can I say? I laughed; I cried; it was better than Cats. Seriously, the collective creative energy in this city is quite something to behold. Check out all the fun wrap-ups here and here. P.S. To The Digitel, what's the song on the video? Tis awesome! Also, check out the superfly twitter/flickr barrage from the show here. The range of presenters, like the first go-round, was wonderfully eclectic, and the presentations ran the gamut from hilarious to soulful. Among my fave were Gil Shuler, Mary Norton, Michael Maher and Sharon Graci. But honestly, everyone had something brilliant to share.

As you now know, if you were there, I got in the act a bit, too. Adam and Patrick from GoToTeam and Robert Prioleau asked me to do a live from Fish feed. If you missed it, here tis:

In other funny video news, our friend Andra Watkins of Positus Consulting unveiled her take on the perils of small business bartering. Our pals at Cupcake get in on the act, as does our own Nico Romo. Thanks to Andra for her inspiration, humor and all around wonderful self. Andra, shall we raise a glass of Hendrick's and toast? Clink!

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