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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Recession relief, V-day, rugby & hugging creatives

The Digitel gave Fish a shout out in their round up of The Holy City's Best Food Deals. Really, who else gives you $1 dim sum? And, at our Fish meeting today (Does that sound funny, like we are meeting about cod or something? I digress.), Nico had a fantastic idea to do a "second" Valentine's prix fixe menu on Monday for everyone who has to work on Valentine's weekend. So, should you be working for the weekend (like Loverboy), you and your valentine can celebrate your love on Monday. 3 courses, $35, Nico's choice. Wine pairings with each course are just $10 more. Who says just because you have to work you should miss the candy hearts and a fabulous meal? Hearts and cupids all around.

In other news, I have to say that I'm still a bit agog over the Ralph Lauren Rugby video starring our very own Lowndes Grove. I mean, don't you ever have those moments when you just wish you a soundtrack for your life...or it that just me?

Today's inspiration comes from the ThinkTEC Innovation Summit. Our Blue Ion pal Robert Prioleau gave a fantastic presentation on Charleston's most important industry: the creatives. Check out his post and download his presentation. And, while you're at it, hug a creative!

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