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Monday, February 16, 2009

Presidents, the never-ending Valentine's Day and a lamb.

Nothing says Happy President's Day like Barack Obama and Abe Lincoln's likenesses IN CUPCAKES. This is actually an art installation by Zilly Rosen at Smithsonian American Art Museum. (Thanks to Rachel at Cupcakes Take the Cake for the photo.
Nay, I am no President, but I am the bearer of good news. To all of you who worked this weekend (special holla to our food & beverage and SEWE friends), Fish is offering one last hurrah to celebrate Valentine's Weekend. (I'm a big fan of getting as much celebration out of a holiday as possible.) So, tonight we're offering a special 3 course, Chef's choice menu for just $35. $10 more gets you wine pairings with each course. Who loves you? Nico does, that's who.

I had family in town this weekend and yesterday we joined the masses at the SEWE. We had the best time. My niece scaled the climbing wall, and we saw rescued greyhounds and golden retrievers, a llama, an alpaca, a bearcat, monkeys, goats, ponies, the sweetest lambs and puppies of all breeds. (As an aside, I also saw a proliferation of camouflage and animal print clothing.) Also, nice work to the SEWE organizers who had recycling opportunities available. As you may know, SEWE kicks off the tourist season here in Charleston and by the looks of things around town this weekend, I'm hopeful we're in for a rollicking good season.

I leave you today with a whole hunk o' cute.

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