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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A visit with Peter Kaminsky

Executive Chef Nico Romo, Managing Partner Randall Goldman, General Manager Jodie Battles and I had a very cool conversation yesterday with a fantastic bunch of folks: Megan Westmeyer, Queen of the Sustainable Seafood Initiative at the SC Aquarium, Mark Marhefka, our favorite local fisherman and Peter Kaminsky, author, food critic, chef and all around good egg. Megan and Mark were escorting Peter around the Holy City, stopping at some of their favorites restaurants (we're awfully proud to be on their list!) so he could do research (read: eat and chat) for an article he's writing on the sustainable movement.

It was so interesting to talk about the sustainability and local products with: 1. Megan, who's work is to educate, advocate and put producers together with chefs and the masses. 2. Mark, who's actually out there in the high seas catching fish. 3. Nico, who's honoring the fish and produce with his creativity and culinary skills and sharing it with all who enter the restaurant. 4. Peter, who makes his life diving deeply into the beautiful minutia of food, chefs, culture and how it all melds together.

Sidestory: Peter told us about the origins of Bibb lettuce. First of all, "created" by a man aptly named Bibb. Secondly, it comes from Kentucky which is a state rich in limestone. Limestone, it seems, is wonderful for all living things, like Bibb lettuce and say, thoroughbred horses. So, then Mark adds in that he heard that Wadmalaw, which produces some tasty local Bibb lettuce, used to have an actual limestone quarry back in the day. Fascinating!

So, we ate, talked, laughed (Peter "named" our new Molly Right bottlecap art piece, "Our Lady of Perpetual Dr. Pepper"), mused and generally enjoyed our time together. And I for one, came away knowing a little more, questioning even more and loving the opportunity to meet up and share some time over great food.

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