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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Patrick Properties, how refreshing!

What's up at PP today, you ask? I bought a whirling dervish from Zinn Rug Gallery today. And then I informed several PP staffers just exactly WHAT a whirling dervish is. I'm a big Rumi fan so it just sort of follows that you also adore the dervishes.

In other news, several of the PP staffers and I are partook of Fish's inaugural Happy Hour last night. I'm pleased to report that the mood at the Fish bar was, in a word, HAPPY. One might even say CONTENT. One could so far as to say DOWNRIGHT GIDDY. I am NOT making this up. Who knew $4 specialty cocktails could make one feel so dandy?

In WAY other news, I have been utterly obsessed with this vintage advertising blog. May I ask, for one quick second, why the golden light in the 1960s and '70s? Did it say comforting? Trustworthy? Anyone? Anyone at all?

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