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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tap your foot if you love LOCAL!

Hey there, sorry I missed you yesterday. I was laid out with some form of flu-ishness. But I'm back in action. So, if you missed the Buy Local Bash at Lowndes Grove on Sunday, I am so sorry. It was great big, chilled out, fantastic local food, huddle by fire, nip in the air, shake hands with your favorite chef, drink some local alkey-hall, stomp your foot to super-cool music FUN, FUN, FUN. I mean it.

Unbelievably awesome props go to Megan Morgan of Luke Wilson Special Events. She was instrumental in helping Lowcountry Local First pull together all of the rentals and create an utterly stunning and inviting setting. There were fire pits by the river, sweet spaces to lounge and stargaze and then of course, a tent full of chefs who whipped up an array of local deliciousness.

Here are some of my favorite moments of the evening, in no particular order:
  • Walking around the property with Lowndes Grove General Manager Ashley Gunnin and lighting votives together

  • Listening to Nico talk about the Pho lentil soup

  • Meeting members of the V-Tones, especially a man named Noodle from Texas. Yes, really.

  • Loving every minute of Cary Ann Hearst, especially when she got behind the drum kit!

  • Oh that pate!

  • Seeing Alan and Erin's baby girl, Olivia, all bundled up

  • Warming my hands by the fire pit next to the Ashley River

  • Watching a brilliant sunset

You can check out a write up here and stay tuned for more photos in the coming days. Congratulations to Lowcountry Local First and to the many hands who helped make it happen. These local get-togethers just keep getting better.

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