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Monday, December 15, 2008

Gardens, red snapper, HAPPY HOUR!

One of my personal heroes, Alice Waters, is at it again. This time, offering her services to President-elect Obama. Check out the full article here. Ms. Waters' request, sent via letter the day after the election, calls on Obama to "set the tone for the changes we need to make in the way our country feeds itself. The purity and wholesomeness of your campaign can find a parallel in the purity and wholesomeness of the food at America's most visible and symbolic address: the White House." That's right, turn that White House lawn into a Victory Garden in the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt.

It's not such a revolutionary idea. It's a request to bring hope and change to what is perhaps our most basic need: nourishing ourselves.

While I'm on the subject of food, the Post & Courier ran a piece this weekend about the plight of the red snapper. It seems that the federal government is poised to shut down the harvest of red snapper in the South Atlantic, commercially and recreationally, and close down miles of the offshore to bottom fishing due to research that shows the species is in steady collapse. Local fishermen, including our own Mark Marhefka of Abundant Seafood, are, as you might imagine, worried about their future. FYI: Fish has already substituted vermilion snapper for red snapper on the menu. But the passionate debate continues, on and off the water. For more information, go here.

Let's segue to something a bit more fun: HAPPY HOUR at Fish! It begins today. Details are as follows:

5:30 until 8 pm, Monday through Friday

$3.50 well drinks

$4 specialty cocktails

$5 house wine

$2.50 Bud/Bud Light

$1 dim sum

Are we clear? Fabulous. Meet you at the bar.

Actually, I spent a moment at the Fish bar on Friday night. And many thanks to PP staffers Courtney Jo, Charlotte, Rachel, Shannon and our own Managing Partner Randall Goldman who helped add some panache to Brennan Wesley's photo shoot. If you play your cards right, you may get to see some outtakes later in the week.

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