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Monday, December 1, 2008

Quick list of 3 good things

So how was everyone's Thanksgiving? Sufficiently stuffed? Did you brave the Black Friday madness? (Seriously, what do we need so badly that we must have it at 4 in the a.m.? 'Tis ponderous.)

By the by, we're officially in a recession. (Um, duh.) During my Turkey Day travels, I got some firsthand glimpses of how our economic troubles are manifesting across state lines and businesses. As I walked into Hertz at the Cleveland Airport to pick up my rental car, I was amazed at how eerily quiet it was. I asked the woman helping me what was up. She reported that they had laid off about half of their staff, as well as reduced their fleet of cars by half. That's at the airport in Cleveland, people. Wow.

Then, while at my Mom's house in Findlay, Ohio, I noticed she had a poster in her window that read: We heart Cooper Tire. When I asked her when this love affair with a tire company began, she informed me that sales for Cooper Tire have been awfully low due to high raw material costs and competition from low-cost imports. So, they're going to close one of their manufacturing plants: one in Findlay; Albany, Georgia; Tupelo, Mississippi and Texarkana, Arkansas. And the folks in Findlay are hoping they'll stay online.

So yes, the economy is for real and goodness knows we need to take the appropriate steps. However, let us not panic, there are good things for which to be grateful.

Quick list of 3 good things:

1. Buy Local Week. It kicks off tomorrow. I know you know this already but it bears repeating and perhaps tattooing on your arm: buying local helps sustain our city and neighbors, and plus it just feels good, knowing exactly where your money is going.

2. Louisville, Kentucky. One of the women I work with spent the holiday in Louisville, AKA her hometown. This morning she regaled me with tales of her adventures with such fervor, I am now compelled to take a trip there. P.S. If anyone out there is listening (Reggie Gibson), Charleston is simply crying out for a 21c.

3. Infused bourbon. Our resident mixologist (and cherub) Evan makes it. It makes you feel warm and toasty on the inside and really, when it comes to an economic brouhaha, every little bit helps. Please proceed directly to the Fish bar.

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Anonymous said...

Me, one of your loyal readers, would love to see what Charleston looks like this time of year. Photos?