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Friday, January 18, 2008

Power Dinners, T.V. Shoots & Kissin' Babies

On the heels of Ms. Johnson's event last night, we're gearing up for an even busier weekend. It's just nuts. And I don't even have a palm pilot.

Tonight: our good friend Samantha Power (I say that because both our Managing Partner and I have a crush on her.) who appeared previously in this blog and in our restaurant, returns, with pals! Joining her this evening: Cass Sunstein, Chicago law professor and author of "Republic.com 2.0," an update of "Republic.com." Sunstein was an attorney in the Justice Department's Office of the Legal Counsel, an advisor to both Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan and clerked for the Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. Currently, he teaches at the University of Chicago and advises Barack Obama.

Also dining with Ms. Power: John Prendergrast, an American human rights activist focused on bringing international attention to the genocide in Sudan and the atrocities of the Lord's Resistance Armyin Northern Uganda. An adviser to the White House and the State Department in the mid-1990s, he later served as a Senior Adviser at the International Crisis Group. He currently works for the ENOUGH Project. He also co-authored a book with actor Don Cheadle, "Not on Our Watch: The Mission to End Genocide in Darfur and Beyond."

Saturday at Fish: CBS is shooting an interview with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, former South Carolina Governor Jim Hodges and former Mississippi Governor Ray Mabus. No details on when it will be airing, but we'll keep you posted.

Sunday at The William Aiken House: Al Jazeera T.V. shoots interviews with 5 South Carolina voters.

And, in the interest of equal representation, see above for a photo of another presidential candidate. Check out John Edwards holding my friend's baby girl. (I love the look on the baby's face more than anything. Um, Mom?)
Oh, and funniest thing I heard today. What female fans of Barack call him. Barack OBOYFRIEND.

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