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Monday, January 28, 2008

Don't Disappoint Me. Call 843.722.FISH.

Did you happen to see that dashing French chef on Lowcountry Live last week? (Did I mention he's also a FIERCE goalkeeper?) That was Nico, if you didn't already guess, cooking up a little taste of what's to come at Wednesday's Sustainable Seafood Dinner here at Fish. Our friends at the South Carolina Aquarium are partnering with us for this fantasticly delicious event. They like us because we're all about promoting wise seafood choices and the consumption of environmentally friendly, locally harvested seafood. Does this sound familiar? Because I've mentioned it before.

This is your last chance to make a reservation. I mean it. Please don't make me come over there.

Four courses, four wine pairings, $55 per person, prepared by our very own Chef Nico.

6:30 pm: Welcome & handcrafted, infused cocktail

7:00 pm: Dinner

1st Course: Tuna tartare cannelloni and micro green salad
Wine pairing: Anton Bauer Gruner Veltliner, Donauland, Austria 2006

2nd Course: Local trigger fish, daikon noodle with coconut cashews and millet grits
Wine: Babcock Chardonnay, Rita’s Earth Cuvee, Santa Rita Hills, CA 2005

3rd Course: Local b-liners with sautéed sea bean asparagus and snow peas, cream curry and fried noodles
Wine: Richter Piesporter Riesling, Mosel, Germany 2006

4th Course: Sweet potato pancake with apple ice cream on toasted rice crispy, covered in hot chocolate
Wine: Marquis De La Tour, Sparkling, France NV

I've said all I can say. It's now in your hands. 843.722.FISH. Now scoot.

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