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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Party Tomorrow & Other Cause Celebre!

Just another exciting day here at PP. Tomorrow evening is the Patrick Properties Events Appreciation Party. The party, which we're cohosting with the Charleston Convention & Visitor's Bureau, is two-fold: one, a "special" CVB Travel Council Meeting and a big thank you to all of our clients. We're also showcasing our newest property, Lowndes Grove, our newest catering stations and the MAD WEDDING CAKE SKILLS of our Pastry Chef, Susie Ieronemo, who is, at this moment, up to neck in pastry. I promise a full report of the antics, I mean festivities, on Friday. Of course there will be photos.

Other random notes: Bill Clinton sighting on Upper King: lunching at Huger's up the street. And, CNN scouted The William Aiken House this afternoon for a possible t.v. shoot here tomorrow evening. Cross your fingers!

Now. I'm off to play arena soccer with members of the PP team, including Executive Chef Nico Romo. GOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!

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