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Monday, January 21, 2008


The photo was taken by Camilo José Vergara at 219 E. Martin Luther King Boulevard, Los Angeles, 2006.

In celebration of Martin Luther King Day, I watched the MLK parade make its way down King Street. I'm happy to say that the bitter cold did not seem to affect any of the parade participants or parade-goers. The music was fantastic, and the air was charged with energy.

I'm awaiting a report on this weekend's VIP visits. I received a text from our Managing Partner at approximately 12:48 am Saturday morning describing his time with VIP Samantha Power & Company as "unforgettable." (I'm trying not to be jealous.)

Unfortunately, I also missed meeting the Al-Jazeera t.v. folks as I was learning how to disassemble and reassemble my toilet. (Um, yeah. I also learned when it's time to call in the professionals. A long, long day.)

I did get a fantastic email from Sarah, one of our Event Managers, who said the t.v. shoot went perfectly (interviewees included the College of Charleston student body President, a COC professor, a retiree and several others) and that everyone was wowed with the beauty of The William Aiken House. Hooray!

Friday night, as you may remember, was "Governor Night" at Fish Restaurant with former SC Governor Jim Hodges, former Mississippi Governor Ray Mabus and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick all dining with us. Our own Massachusetts natives, General Manager Jodie Battles and Manager Evan Powell spent some quality time with Governor Patrick talking about stuff that's "wicked cool" and where to "pahk the caw." (Kidding. I do that. I kid.)

That's Managing Partner Randall Goldman (who's still on the ticket for VP by the by) with the Governors on Friday night. L to R: Hodges, Mabus, Goldman and Patrick.

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JoE said...

good to hear i wasn't the only one playing plummer saturday