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Friday, January 25, 2008

Post-Party Report

Seriously. We threw a fantastic party last night. Just a few of the emails we've received today...

"Thank you for hosting quite possibly the BEST Travel Council meeting we've ever had! We had a great attendance and I can't thank you both enough for taking such great care of our group."

"We all had such a great time at Travel Council and William Aiken last night. You all did an amazing job! The food was great, especially the little cakes, and the house looks fantastic!"

Man, we gotta talk about the aforementioned "little cakes," because things got crazy last night. So, last night, our Managing Partner Randall Goldman gave a speech about the amazing Lowndes Grove renovation (The speech included an interesting anecdote about a Yugoslavian businessman who owns a manufacturing company in China whose employees speak Mongolian. I'll just leave it at that.) Anywho, the other part of the evening was spent showcasing some of our newest catering stations, including our Asian station (sushi beautifully displayed on an ice sculpture), a crepe station and a paella station that's roughly the size of a hybrid car but way more tasty.

To top it all off, Pastry Chef Susie Ieronemo put together an array of wedding cakes that left even the most jaded event planners oohing and aahhing. And I'm not kidding, you did NOT want to get in the way of anyone on their way to get one of the aforementioned cakes. Because if you did, THEY WOULD KNOCK YOU DOWN. So, Susie Ieronemo definitely gets named Belle of the Ball. Mad props to the entire PP team (especially Nico, Kris and Richard) as everyone gave it their all to make last night a smashing success.

The cool mood lighting at the house, courtesy of PDA Lighting & Sound, was lovely. Also, thanks to Other Brother Entertainment for the great music.As for stories, I really did not see any true debauchery. (A bit disappointing, I know.) There was some general silliness, possibly due to the fact that each catering station came equipped with its own signature cocktail pairing. Check out the photos.

*Late breaking news!* The Charleston Business District banded together to protest a bill proposed by Representative Bale. In essence, the bill would mandate that all parking meters within a quarter mile of an institution of higher learning or government building would charge only $.25 per hour and the maximum fine for a violation would be $2.00 per day. Can you say encouraging meter feeding? Anywho, thanks to the combined efforts of the business district and Chip Limehouse, the bill has been stalled. Hooray for grassroots efforts! Our own Managing Partner Randall Goldman talks about the bill tonight on WCBD t.v.

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