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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Take Me To The William Aiken House or Lose Me Forever

Charlotte, who handles our corporate events, forwarded me this email she received from a group who recently had their company holiday party chez William Aiken.

"Charlotte, we all had a blast! Best turn out we've ever had for a holiday party! The house was gorgeous, and the food was perfect! Everyone insists we have the party there again next year."

How cool is that, when people INSIST on having their party with us? Like they wouldn't go to the party if were elsewhere?! I love it. It's so darn DECISIVE.

Now. On a completely different note, here's the quote of the day sent to me by a dear friend: "Oh yay - my Moravian love feast buns have arrived."

If you need some back story (because I sure did), here it is. Personally, I find what my mind dreamed up wayyy more interesting than the back story, but what can I say, we're dream makers here, we think big.

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