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Monday, December 3, 2007

Dessert Has A New Name

Say it with me: Susanna Ieronemo. That's right, we're pleased to welcome Susie Ieronemo as Pastry Chef at Fish Restaurant. That means she'll be creating delicious pastries for events at The William Aiken House and Lowndes Grove, too. AND, for the first time EVER, we'll offer wedding cakes, because: Susie has MAD WEDDING CAKE SKILLS. (I told her I was going to say that, but I'm not sure she believed me.)

In an effort to get to know Susie better, we spent a few minutes chatting this morning so I could get the inside scoop, which of course I'm sharing with you good people.

Originally from: River Forest, Illinois (has spent lots of time in the Portland, Oregon area)

Been in Charleston for: Nearly five years, on and off

Previous Gigs: Pastry Chef at Cordavi, Seabrook Island Club and Stephen Duvall Catering

School: Fine Arts degree from Southern Illinois. Planned to study culinary arts at the Providence, Rhode Island campus of Johnson & Wales University. However, through a rather fortuitous miscommunication, she found herself studying in Charleston and has been hooked on the Holy City ever since.

Why the culinary arts? She didn't think she could make a living in ceramics. And did I mention MAD WEDDING CAKE SKILLS?

Name confusion: She has no blood ties to the Apache Chief Geronimo. Yes, even IF their names sound similar.

Best thing she makes: Chocolate cake (pardon me while I swoon)

Favorite sweet to make: Cupcakes

Dream of the pastry chef? Waiting for the day when someone asks her to make entire platters of Hostess-style treats.

Sweet stuff appearing nightly: Susie's pastries are already garnering praises. Come see us.

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