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Friday, December 7, 2007

Don't Mess With Texas

On Wednesday, Fish played host to a group of 40 Texans led by Amanda Manning at Carolina Food Pros who run the city's finest culinary tours. Executive Chef Nico Romo put together a tasting that included crab rangoons ( jumbo lump crab, Boursin cheese and plum coulis), butternut squash soup (with five-spice pecans and cinammon cream) and a homemade cocktail sample of our pomegranate-infused vodka. See Nico sharing culinary secrets below.
The room grew really quiet once the food was served, and you KNOW the food was good if it made a room full of Texans quiet (I'm just saying.) Sing it with me: "deep in the heaarrrtttt o' Texas!" P.S. Don't you love this man's hat?

And, so you have a face to put with the name: here's our new pastry chef, Susie Ieronemo hard at work making something delicious and chocolate just for me, I mean our guests.

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