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Friday, October 26, 2007

Whole Lotta Lowndes

Exciting things are happening every day at Lowndes Grove. I am not even kidding.

On Wednesday afternoon, folks from Sheila Wertimer's office presented their plans for the landscape refresh to the PP team, architect Glenn Keyes and the construction team. Then, Glenn and the construction folks led the PP team on a walk through of the construction that's gearing up. Then, on Wednesday evening, the Bar of Architectural Review approved plans for the construction of a catering kitchen on-property. Like The William Aiken House, Lowndes Grove will be serving the fine food prepared by the Fish restaurant catering team led by Nico Romo and Richard Jones.

And this morning, I had a great conversation with interior designer Paula Adams, the creative mind behind the interiors at The William Aiken House, its carriage house and Fish. When asked to describe her vision for the Lowndes Grove interiors, she began with one word: serenity. Which hello, that's fabulous. The obvious difference between Lowndes Grove and the William Aiken House is simple: one's on the water and the other's not. There too lies the difference in their interior design. Ms. Adam's vision for the riverfront estate is as simple: to pay homage to the formality of the estate's architecture while reflecting the serenity and beauty of its natural riverfront setting. That means soft colors that recall nature and drawing one's eye always to the bucolic setting outside. If that doesn't sound dreamy and wonderful, I don't know what does.

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