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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Do You Know This Man?

Patrick Properties Managing Partner, Man About Town and all around good egg, Randall Goldman turned up in the Post & Courier this morning. I know. AGAIN. This time he's in an ad describing how reading the daily newspaper enriches his life. Ahem, I'll quote: "It (the P&C) paints the rainbow in full color." I'll just let that sink in, shall I?

Anywho, we're always amazed at how effortlessly Randall segues from real estate to hospitality to advertising and marketing. Must be those triple espressos. I'm sure he's fielding television and film offers as I write this.

P.S. If you get tired of reading the ad, I'm pretty sure you can make out the Lockhorns and Ziggy cartoons from the other side.

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