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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some Parties Need No Headline, Honey

There are parties at The William Aiken House and then there are PARTIES at The William Aiken House. Know what I'm saying? Was perusing Harper's Bazaar latest issue and came upon the lavish spread on Mimi van Wyck and Ham Morrison III's Charleston wedding extravaganza that took place back in April.

Quick history on the bride first. Mimi (Mary Ann) van Wyck is the daughter of Mary Ann and Bronson van Wyck of Tuckerman, Arkansas. That makes Mimi a descendant of Cornelius Barentse Van Wyck, one of the original Dutch settlers in the New Amsterdam colony (before New York was New York); Richard T. Van Wyck, in the Revolutionary War; Charles H. Van Wyck, governor of South Carolina during Reconstruction and later a congressman from New York and senator from Nebraska; Robert A. Van Wyck, the first mayor of greater New York City; and Augustus Van Wyck, a New York Supreme Court Justice.

And before you ask, the Van Wyck Expressway? Yes. I KNOW. Also, Mimi's brother Bronson and their mother own Van Wyck & Van Wyck, an event planning company known for its party prowess, extravagant props and impeccable style. They've planned shindigs for the likes of P. Diddy, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to name a few.

By the by, bridgegroom Ray "Ham" Hamilton Morrison III is just as fab. Currently, he restores historic Charleston properties and races a pretty mean stock car in his free time.

Anywho, The William Aiken House played host to the couple's stunning rehearsal dinner where an array of VIP guests dined on sole and corn pudding (true to the Arkansas-born bride's roots) in the rooms and on the piazzas dressed in true Van Wyck & Van Wyck style. For you fashionistas, Mimi wore an Alexander McQueen white sheath dress and jewelry by Kara Ross. And to wind this up, it's been confirmed that at the reception, the bride brought down the house with her own personal cover of Madonna's "Lucky Star." (That's after her brother warmed up the crowd with Madonna's "Hung Up" accompanied by Madonna's actual dancers.) For real. Gosh, I love Charleston.

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